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Interviewer: Hi there, today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Jake Robertson, the owner of Bloom Aromatherapy, a local store selling essential oils, diffusers, and natural remedies here in San Diego, California. Thanks for joining us today Jake! Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the aromatherapy business?

Shop Stories interview with the owner of a Aromatherapy Store

Jake: Of course! After struggling with chronic migraines for years, I started to explore alternative remedies. That's when I was introduced to essential oils and their healing properties. I was fascinated by the power of these little bottles and began to do more research. I discovered that there wasn't a local store selling quality essential oils and decided to fill that gap in the market.

Interviewer: That's really interesting. What were some challenges you faced when starting your business?

Jake: Well, I started the business with little knowledge about running a store. I had to learn everything from scratch – from sourcing quality essential oils to setting up an online store. I also had a tough time finding a store location that had enough foot traffic. But, I persevered and eventually found a great spot in a busy street in San Diego.

Interviewer: That sounds like a lot of work. How were you able to overcome these challenges?

Jake: I took advantage of online resources like Shopify and social media to market my products. Shopify allowed me to create an easy-to-use online store and manage my sales and customers from a single platform. I also used social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase my products and connect with customers.

Interviewer: That's great to hear. Can you tell us more about how Shopify specifically helped your business grow?

Jake: With Shopify, I was able to create a seamless shopping experience for my customers, which helped increase my sales and customer loyalty. The platform allowed me to manage my inventory, organize shipments, and handle customer support, all with just a few clicks. Plus, the customizable templates made designing my online store a breeze.

Interviewer: That's amazing. How has your business grown since then?

Jake: I'm proud to say that my business has seen unexpected success. What started as a small local store has now expanded to reach customers all over the country through our online store. We've also been able to expand our product line to include more natural remedies and wellness products.

Interviewer: That's really inspiring. What advice would you give to others looking to start their own business?

Jake: My advice would be to have a clear vision for your business and to consistently work towards that vision. Don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it's through online resources or by connecting with other business owners in your community. Most importantly, always put your customers first and strive to deliver a top-notch experience.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Jake. It's been a pleasure talking to you.

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